With a beautifully slim and fully-integrated battery and motor, the full-suspension FullSeven 7. Somehow, the FullSeven 7. In a nutshell, and without getting too technical, that pertains to the geometry of the bike. By having the head tube angle a little more upright, and the chain stays a little longer, the FullSeven 7. Still, the FullSeven 7. It just leans more toward comfort than the extreme geometry of the Xduro line. Initially, I was a little underwhelmed. The parts and pieces that make up the FullSeven 7.

Tektro hydraulic brakes with mm discs in the front and mm in the back are fully capable of bringing things to a stop in a hurry. All of this is just fine. That said, I was impressed with what the FullSeven 7. In fact, it performs incredibly well. Most of that performance comes from the Bosch CX watt motor with 75Nm of torque driven through the cassette.

Electric motors apply a good deal of torque, quickly, to the bicycle drivetrain components and can cause accelerated wear on the chain stretch, and wear on the cassette.

haibike reviews

The Haibike setup should less that effect, and it also seems to result in smoother, more natural power delivery. This thoughtful design shows Haibike has the experience to build a product that goes beyond what off-the-shelf parts offer. A chief complaint with e-bikes, especially E-MTBs with all the climbing they do, is that the extra torque wears out parts prematurely. Sudden power delivery can also feel awkward in delicate situations. Haibike went the extra mile to solve that problem, and it gives the FullSeven 7.

The FullSeven 7. Helping preserve battery life are full lock outs on the forks and rear shock, helping to stiffen the bike up and make the most of every watt used. In my experience, cranking the FullSeven 7. Thankfully, keeping an eye battery life is easy with the Bosch Purion display that, while not all that advanced, is straightforward and easy to use. Located right next to the display is the remote dropper for the seat post. Those vaguely-budget components and large battery make for a bike that may prove too heavy to throw into the back of a truck for some, as our large-size bike weighed in at I was hoping I could take off the battery to help lighten the load, but the FullSeven 7.

It keeps the design slim and cohesive, but is a bit of a pain to remove. That means the estimated charging times of 1. Haibike offers a five year warranty on the frame, with one year on Haibike branded or non-branded components. With frame geometry that offers great all-day riding and a collaboration of components that performs exceedingly well, the FullSeven 7.


As an added bonus, it happens to be one of the better looking bikes on the market today. Want more options? Check our favorite electric bikes of Longer than most E-MTBs, because of the extra pulley setup that Haibike utilizes for their main chainrings. Our bike arrived with the speed sensor broken off, which could happen to any bike, but it does serve as a reminder that more parts can lead to more opportunities for failure.

An ebike will need more maintenance than a conventional bicycle. Haibike Sduro FullSeven 7.To run the forums, host the website, and travel, I charge a universal service fee for my reviews. This review was sponsored by Haibike. My goal is to be transparent and unbiased, this video and written review are not meant to be an endorsement of Haibike products.

haibike reviews

I recently got a chance to review the Haibike Xduro Nduro 3. Now, in years past, Haibike used number levels to delineate component levels with the higher number being the best. All of that has been thrown out the window this year, and this 3. The Nduro 3. The frames are beautifully hydro formed and there is just 1 color choice. The bike overall weighs just These come tubeless ready and even have puncture protection right out of the box, which helps make them very capable.

You also get strong boost hub spacing with mm in the front and mm in the rear, each combined with sturdy through axles. The front suspension is a RockShox Yari air fork with mm of travel, 35mm anodized stanchions, and it also features lockout, compression, and rebound adjust.

The rear suspension is also RockShox, a Super Deluxe air suspension with a rebound adjust dial as well as compression adjust. This is also rated for mm of travel and gives the bike a great feel for difficult downhill trails.

As you can imagine, it has quite an angled head tube and a longer wheel base, but this is common to make that downhill riding more sturdy. There is also a dropper seat post here, an XLC post with mm of travel.

Before I move on, I really need to call out this massive rubberized slap guard, this is so encompassing, it is almost like part of the frame! Very cool! Other features include flat rubber locking grips and internally routed cables to give the bike a clean look. Driving this electric bicycle is a trail optimized mid-motor from Bosch called the Performance Line CX. It probably inflates the price a bit, but you do benefit from a special eMTB drive mode that only the Bosch CX offers.

The other modes Eco, Tour, and Turbo have more limited power bands. This drive mode was introduced as a way to make motor performance more automatic and intuitive for mountain bikers who might be focusing on trail obstacles and gear shifting. For the Nduro 3. Just hop on, arrow up to eMTB, start pedaling, and the bike will respond naturally based on how hard you pedal.

All current generation Bosch Performance Line motors weigh roughly 8. This motor responds based on three signals: rear wheel speed, pedal cadence, and pedal torque. It uses some of the most advanced sensors and can even sense when gears are being shifted. At 20mph, this bike is rated as a Class 1 Ebike, so you can really take advantage of a lot more trails.

Mechanically, the bike the bike is operated by this 11 speed cassette at tooth range and it comes with the SRAM NX derailleur that has this roller clutch feature.Extremely functional, lightweight, surprisingly comfortable electric bicycle that's based on a proven analog bicycle from Kona called the Dew.

Popular with commuters, the frame has front and rear rack bosses, a bottle cage mount, and lots of room for a frame bag in the center. Five sizes means you can find the perfect fit. Drive unit and battery are positioned… A high quality electric bicycle that's well-suited to neighborhood, city, and commuting applications.

Available in five sizes, the easy-entry frame is very approachable, offering low standover height and excellent bottle cage mount positioning. Hydroformed tubing is beautiful but stiff with reinforcements and internal walls that reduce frame flex without adding too much weight. Proven Bosch PowerPack battery is known for being durable and reliable.

The mounting interface… The Aventon Sinch is a value-priced fat tire folder with a beautiful visual appearance thanks to internally routed cabling and paint-matched components, Kenda Krusade tires can tackle any terrain and include puncture resistance. A watt motor from Shengyi provides satisfying power and is activated via either a… Great ride comfort for a value-priced bike thanks to the coil suspension fork, plus-sized tires,… An approachable step-thru commuter with stiff durable frame, great weight distribution, sturdy front and rear racks, nice integrated lights, comfortable and flexible geometry with tool-free adjustable angle stem, an entry-level suspension fork, and basic semi-ergonomic grips.

Great attention to detail with all hardware accents in black spokes, hubs, racks, handlebar etc. An upgraded version of the original T10 with more speed and a dual-battery option, feature-complete with high-quality accessories, backed by a great warranty from a company that has been operating for over years. Three sizes and two frame types high-step and mid-step with multiple colors to choose from,… A premium cruiser style ebike that comes feature complete with paint-matched aluminum alloy fenders to keep you dry, sturdy rear rack for transporting gear or a child seat, top-of-the-line integrated Supernova lights front and rearkey-alike ABUS frame lock for convenient secure stops, and puncture-resistant reflective tires to reduce flats and keep you visible to cars.

Haibike SDURO HardSeven 1.0 Review

Bosch SmartphoneHub is extremely versatile and unique. It works on its own as a simple… A feature complete hybrid electric bicycle with cruiser-inspired geometry and style.

Large paint-matched aluminum alloy fenders keep you dry, minimalist rear rack for pannier bags offer utility, and integrated Spanninga lights and reflective tires improve safety. Bosch Kiox color LCD display is awesome because it's removable, has Bluetooth integration for smartphones… The high-step frame has mounts for adding a second battery pack Bosch Range Boost to double capacity, but the step-thru does not. Durable and quiet plastic fenders, sleek and sturdy Racktime rear rack, bright integrated lights with… An approachable step-thru version of the RadRhino full sized fat tire electric bike.

Features comfortable 4" wide knobby tires with puncture protection and reflective sidewalls. Stable and capable in soft terrain like mulch or sand if the tire air pressure is lowered. Available in matte white or satin black with matching faux-leather grips and saddle.

Excellent puncture resistant tires with reflective sidewall stripes for safety, great headlight with outer "be… A lightweight solar panel that is extremely easy to transport and use thanks to the folding design and simplicity of the included components. The Thule EasyFold XT 2 is a feature-rich electric bike rated car rack that is well thought out, relatively lightweight, and portable.This July, we gave two people the opportunity to road test two Haibike eBikes for a month. Learn how Carlo and Elizabeth got with the electric bikes in this article.

The bikes were loaned primarily to provide cycle support for their friend Robert Groves hand-cycling around the coastline of England and Wales for the Coastline Challenge charity event. This scenario evolved over time which allowed them also to incorporate the bikes into their regular lives and see how people could benefit from these machines in a number of ways.

Not a new phenomenon, cycles have had motors added to them in various guises for more than a century. It can be said though that never have they been so sophisticated, nor so efficient. The bikes used were kindly loaned to us through Martin Brown of e-bikeshop. They chose the Hardseven 4. Both share a number of common features, such as the frame, headsets, bars, tyres, but different suspension, crank and switchgear arrangements. On a bright July Sunday, we left West Sussex to join our hand-cyclist friend Rob and a support motor home driven by Chris in convoy, on a ride to the New Forest and the Dorset coastline.

The Coastline Challenge journey was undertaken to promote new ways to view and care for our oceans, and as the name suggested we followed coastal roads where possible. Urban cycling in towns such as Southampton and Portsmouth was a challenge due to the heavy traffic, road layout and hilly overpasses. On occasion, the brakes were used to their full effect, in order to avoid elderly gentlemen and errant drivers.

The Tektro brakes bite quickly and quite fiercely. Pausing for a pub lunch gave us an opportunity to replenish our own energy resources and those of the e-bike batteries. Then the more gradual but ever present hills of the New Forest, coupled with a rider growing accustomed to their respective steeds, drained battery power more quickly than on other rides of the trip.

Once more accustomed to the riding rhythm the battery range improved, along with the enjoyment of letting the bikes amplify our efforts. This was useful in getting up to speed at roundabouts and hill climbs, coping with traffic etc.

We spent the next few days traveling together, or taking it in turns to cycle alongside our friend, Rob, on our journey west.

haibike reviews

From Sussex through Hampshire, Dorset and into Devon, using coastal roads where possible, the e-bikes performed faultlessly, each exhibiting individual characteristics over time.This is a rugged, good looking ebike, suitable for all kinds of terrains. We bought it mainly for off-road cycling, where it excels, but it also runs well on paved roads. We recently started doing a lot more off-road cycling, mainly trails.

We quickly realized that Maggie needed a good off-road ebike. The cute Cube Elly Ride Hybrid Electric Bike reviewed here that she used for office commuting was totally unsuitable for off-road riding. Of course, I did tons of research, trying to decide which ebike would be best. This opinion was influenced by my four years of riding a much more expensive Haibike, my Haibike Xduro Trekking Pro reviewed here.

While my ebike was expensive, it is undoubtedly the best ebike I have ever owned. Four years on, and it still looks like new and rides like new, despite heavy use.

Plus, I love its performance, its geometry, and its rugged good looks. So basically, I am sold on Haibikes, and I was keen to see how they have done with their budget version. Of course, they have achieved that by incorporating cheaper components. We both love riding this ebike. We kept the stock tires see specs at the end of this postand found that they have great traction on gravel and trails.

We feel very secure, and can zoom along at very high speeds without fear of wiping out and breaking bones. Although the bike has only three levels of assistance, a Watt Yamaha motor, and nine gears, it still offers the rider a lot of assistance.

Of course, it is a pedelec, so you have to do your share of the work, but we have both found it does what we expect from an ebike — helps us to get up hills we could not possibly manage on a regular bike.

Plus, of course, go for long, adventurous rides! Also, we find the relatively low-level Suntour shocks with mm of travel do a surprisingly good job of soaking up the bumps. They even have a lock-out, so you can have a rigid front fork when you prefer, such as on pavement. Soaking up the bumps is helped by the chunky All in all, this ebike offers a comfy ride, even on very rough terrain.

And the Tektro hydraulic disc brakes offer enough precise stopping power to inspire confidence on the steepest of hills. Below is a video that I originally made to demonstrate a bike trail, but I have included it here because it shows Maggie in action on her Haibike wearing the black top and green skort. Notice how she keeps disappearing into the distance! And there was me, often trailing behind on my much more expensive Haibike Xduro Trekking Pro! I have 27 gears, a Watt Bosch motor, and four levels of assistance on my Haibike Xduro.

She also had a better time of it on the rough parts of the trail, as her bike is more of a mountain bike, while mine is more of a hybrid, and has thinner tires.The Haibike Sduro Trekking is a heavy-duty, serious ebike. There's a premium sturdiness about its build quality, which gives you a lot of confidence in the saddle. As with most electric bikes, it's hard work pushing it past its assisted speed limit of By Robert Jones TZ. A sporty looking, hardtail Best electric mountain bike candidate built for distance and everyday use?

That is what the Haibike Sduro Trekking has been built to deliver. Despite being fairly new to electric bikes, I simply had to call one in and put it through its paces for this review. The Sduro Trekking is available to buy now from Haibikeand is available in a range of models and sizes. Before we get stuck in to the Haibike sDuro Trekking review proper, though, for those who are unfamiliar with the brand and the sorts of bikes it produces, it's worth checking out this short official video:.

The first thing I noticed I when going hands on with the Haibike Sduro Trekking was just how substantial a unit it is. There is a very solid, future-industrial air about the machine, which radiates from its robust frame to its Yamaha PW Motor Unit and on to substantial front suspension and pannier rack, the latter a definite boon for me as I tend to transport quite a lot of tech with me most days. The battery itself is also substantial.

A wh Lithium Ion battery that resembles one of those handheld cordless vacuums and affixes to the central frame directly above the bike's motor unit and pedals. The action to get the battery into and out of its holster on the Sduro Trekking threw me at first, as it has to first be unlocked by key sensible; easy to achieve but then before it can be lifted out of its contact point it needs to be slid to the side slightly, which at first I achieved at the expense of grazing my knuckles quite painfully on the top of the battery holster.

Haibike Sduro FullSeven 7.0 Review: More than its parts

I did get more accomplished at removing and inserting the battery, mind, and it comes with a useful carrying handle for transportation into your home or office for charging, which takes but a few hours for a full charge.

Rounding off the modern look is the bike's clip-on LCD screen, which slides in and out of a bracket mounted on the handle bars, and front mounted, battery connected AXA lights. I also dug the SKS Chromoplastic Mudguards and shock-resistant Skidplate, which protects the bottom side of the electric motor from impacts from gravel and stones, which on Bath's cycle routes and towpaths was definitely appreciated.

Overall, I came away from the Sduro Trekking with the opinion that it looks like a hybrid, which as a bike that is pitched as a tourer that you can use everyday, as well as one that you can use both on and off-road thanks to its sturdy mountain bike-like build and fat tyres, it very much is. The styling was spot on in my mind, too, and I am definitely a sucker for the diagonally-aligned, cross battery and frame "Haibike" logo positioning.

That equates to a flat-friendly 50 per cent on the lowest setting, right up to a hill-crushing per cent assistance at the top. This was my personal favourite, I must say. The mode is selected via the LCD screen, which also displays key information such as battery life the wh Lithium Ion battery is rated to deliver up to 80 miles of assisted juicespeed, assistance level, and distance travelled.

Review: Riding Two Haibike Electric Bikes for a Month

Once the mode is selected, the Sduro supplies pedalling assistance based on the gear selected, pedal rotation speed, and overall speed. As with all electric bikes, there's a speed limit to this assisted pedalling, with the motor granting nothing over an EU-mandated 25kph — which is about Depending on how quick you usually ride a bike this will either be a frustration or a moot point.

If you regularly get up to 20mph, the way that the motor cuts out at about If, however, your favoured speed of progression is no more than Because of the way the bike decides when and how much to assist you, I also found myself trying to 'game' the bike to minimise my own input, especially on hills. If I tried to gun it too much, the bike's computer would make the decision for me that I didn't require assistance and all of a sudden I'd be trying to propel a very heavy bike with my legs alone.

However, by maintaining a lower level of pedal rotation, in a specific set of gears, the motor would never drop off. Getting and keeping that sweet spot turned into a fun game at times. That's not really a negative point, just an illustration of how different ebikes such as this are to unpowered cycles. You have to surrender some control to the system, and accept its limits in terms of assistance speed. I'm guessing the vast majority of riders who pick one of these up will be using them as commuting and touring cruisers, anyway, and be quite content to remain at a slow to moderate speed.

Overall, I found the Sduro Trekking to be a very slick experience, and a very comfortable one, too, courtesy of the plush tyres and front suspension forks with 63mm of travel.Haibike entered the US market in with an established brand history in Europe.

Wiener Retail Trading Company manufacturing custom bicycles. Our history is what drives us forward. Ride one of our ePerformance bikes and you will feel the power, balance, and freedom our pedal-assist bicycles provide.

One ride and you will believe in a new sport: ePerformance cycling. Utilizing the top of the line Yamaha PW-X motor, this is a mid-drive with 80nm… A top of the line An enduro mountain bike that is Bosch powered with front and rear suspension, a frame integrated PowerTube battery, and great tires and rims that can tackle almost any terrain.

A fully loaded and feature rich trekking bike with rack, fenders, suspension fork, integrated lights, powered by a 28mph speed pedelec Bosch mid-drive and optional dual battery setup.

Available in 6 sizes with upright seating and grips, 80mm suspension fork with plenty of… An all mountain bike that is Bosch powered with front and rear suspension, a frame integrated PowerTube battery, and great tires and rims that can tackle almost any terrain. A full suspension all-mountain electric bike with mm Fox air suspension, sturdy thru-axles, powerful Magura MT5 hydraulic disc brakes, and tubeless-ready plus sized tires from Schwalbe.

Available in four frame sizes, iconic angular hydroformed tubing and sporty paint job, three trim… One of the most affordable Haibike models The headlight has side windows to improve your visibility and I love the reflective stripes… A sporty, sturdily built, urban electric bike that's capable of 28 mph top speeds Class 3 to cut down on commute times, thru-axles, large hydraulic disc brakes, stiff frame.

Available in three sizes to improve fit and comfort as well as two color schemes,… A compact semi-portable electric bike with unique folding options on the stem and pedals, the frame itself stays rigid and provides a sturdier ride as a result, reinforced rims also provide strength.

The Yamaha PWseries mid-motor provides excellent torque for starting and climbing, up to 70 Nm,… The highest specced all mountain electric model from Haibike, longer mm travel on front and rear air suspension by Magura and Fox paired with a steeper fork angle and plus sized tires let you handle most terrain.